Pandit Pawan Sharma is a world renowned astrologer & eminent Vaastu scientist who has been involved in Astrology for the last 22 years.

Pt. Pawan Sharma is the personal astrologer of many politicians, bureaucrats, business houses, judges, diplomats, renowned actors & leading sports persons.

He has traveled all over India to structure the relation of time, people and its behaviour.

Pt. Pawan Sharma, has been blessed with knowledge of astrology as a gift of god right from the birth. Astrology has been in his family since the time of highly acclaimed great grandfather Pt. Ram Lal Sharma of Amritsar.

Pt. Pawan Sharma is an astrologer out of choice and hobby and not by just mere tradition and he treats astrology as a practical and realistic science.

He appears regularly on Zee TV Network (Zee Punjabi) everyday at 8:30 AM on Tuhade Sitare and on Aaj Da Rashiphal. These programs have been on the top of viewer ratings for the last 8 years, and draw a huge response in the shape of thousands of mails from fans across India and abroad.

He regularly provides content for national news papers, magazines & leading websites. Pt. Pawan Sharma is well known for delivery of lectures on astrology in many renowned clubs.

Pt. Pawan Sharma, an amazing and straight forward astrologer with uncanny and very accurate predictions - astounds you with the accuracy of his predictions. His remedies will help people achieve goals with great ease. Pt. Pawan Sharma focuses on the value, the wisdom and practical use of Astrology and gives each individual insightful guidelines for a successful living.

After so much success, name and fame, Pt. Pawan Sharma still remains a most modest down to earth person, offering guidance to everyone who knocks the doors of the most fascinating science of Astrology.